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New lamp board

03.25.2015, by Alexander Visser

A new lamp board for all single-board Brewers. This completely new design will boost the accuracy and reliability of your Brewer by providing a more stable and precise voltage and current for the tungsten halogen standard lamp and the mercury wavelength calibration lamp, and greatly reducing the heat generated and the load on the power supply.

After updating the single-board Brewer mainboard, Kipp & Zonen took on the challenge of redesigning the lamp board. The original design (BA-E132) was very high tech in the 1990’s but several components are no longer available; it is also inefficient and gets hot, requiring extensive heat-sinks.

Due to recent technologies, the new lamp board (BA-E160) is much more efficient, does not require heat-sinks and can operate in higher temperatures than the old board. Because of this improved efficiency, the load on the +24 Volt power supply line is significantly less. It also provides a more stable voltage and current to both the standard and mercury lamps, which increases the overall stability and precision of the Brewer and its measurement data.


BA-E160 – New style lamp board for single-board Brewers



BA-E132 – old style lamp board for single board Brewers

The new lamp board can be retrofitted without any additional components to any single-board Brewer. Because of heat dissipation, the old lamp board was mounted on a solid plate of aluminum. The very high efficiency of the new board makes this heat-sink unnecessary.  However, the technician installing the new board can choose whether to remove this piece of aluminum or just leave it in place. No modifications have to be done when upgrading to the new lamp board.


Temperature comparison between old (blue line) and new (red line) lampboard


3 potentiometers can be found on the board to adjust voltage and current:

  • Potentiometer R5 is used for the reference adjustment of the standard lamp voltage.
  • Potentiometer R6 is used for the reference adjustment of the mercury lamp voltage.
  • Potentiometer R64 is used to adjust the current of the standard lamp. The range of adjustment is from -20% to +10%.

Please note that the nominal operating voltage for the tungsten halogen standard lamp is 12 Volt and the absolute maximum lamp voltage is 12.5 Volt. If the lamp voltage is too high, decrease the current with R64 until the lamp voltage is 12 Volt.




New lampboard layout


For pricing information please contact Kipp & Zonen customer services: service@kippzonen.com

For more technical information regarding the new lamp board (or other Brewer related questions), please contact the Brewer team: brewer@kippzonen.com




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