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6 new Brewers for MET Malaysia

11.3.2017, by Erik Noort

Installation of new Brewer at Met Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur

Met Malaysia expands its Ozone and UV Monitoring network with 6 new Brewers

The first of 6 new Brewers for Met Malaysia was installed in Petaling Jaya, a suburb of Kuala Lumpur in August 2017. This new Brewer will run alongside the only Brewer in Malaysia for the past 25 years, the #090. Its main purpose was to issue public health warnings in case of high UV radiation.

The expansion with 6 new Brewers enables Met Malaysia to monitor UV and ozone with the highest possible precision across the entire territory of Malaysia.


A trained team of operators

The installation of a new Brewer always includes a training of the operating team. The Kipp & Zonen engineers are happy to transfer their knowledge to future operators. A professional training helps the operator to do maintenance and troubleshooting independently.

The installation and training were witnessed by all the local operators from the other Brewer sites, and Tanahair technologies, the company that will install the other 5 Brewers. The basics of Brewer operation, maintenance and data interpretation were covered.

With the installation of all instruments, Malaysia will have one of the best ozone and UV monitoring networks in the world.

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