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COST 1207 | Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer/Metrology Open Workshop, 17-20 May 2016

05.17.2016 - 05.20.2016

First announcement published on the EUBREWNET website: http://www.eubrewnet.org/cost1207/2015/11/06/azores-workshop-2016/

From 17th to 20th May 2016 COST Action ES1207 organizes the EUBREWNET Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer open workshop in conjunction with the EMRP ATMOZ project and the 15th Biennial WMO-GAW Brewer Users Group Meeting. The event is a joint collaboration of EUBREWNET (COST Action ES1207) and WMO-GAW. The event will be hosted by the Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera (IPMA) in Ponta Delgada.

The workshop will focus on operational, scientific and technical issues of the Brewer instrument and its role in the global ozone, aerosol and UV monitoring networks, as well as the development of new instruments and characterization methods. The workshop will also provide an opportunity for formal and informal exchange of information by those involved in the use of Brewer UV and Ozone Spectrophotometers, as well as others who have a general interest in atmospheric spectroscopy in the visible and ultraviolet. In keeping with the Brewer Workshop tradition, EUBREWNET encourages you to give an oral or poster presentation (scientific, technical or tutorial). Please submit a brief (one paragraph) abstract and a final presentation copy (in either MS-PowerPoint or PDF format) is requested at the time of the meeting to be used in the meeting report.

The Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometer is widely used throughout the world for ground based total ozone column measurements and can also provide solar spectral UV, Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD), NO2 and SO2 data, plus ozone vertical profiles from Umkehr measurements. The aim of EUBREWNET is to establish a coherent network of Brewer Spectrophotometer monitoring stations throughout Europe and to collaborate with other regional networks in order to harmonize operations and develop approaches, practices and protocols to achieve consistency in quality control, quality assurance and coordinated operations.

The main objective of the European Metrology Research Programme (EMRP) funded project ATMOZ “Traceability for atmospheric total column ozone” is to provide traceable total column ozone measurements from Dobson, Brewer and DOAS type spectroradiometers, including a comprehensive uncertainty budget. The workshop will provide a forum to present project results from ATMOZ as well as its interaction with the activities within EUBREWNET.

Find more information at http://www.eubrewnet.org/cost1207/.