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Meet the manufacturer

The Brewer MkIII Spectrophotometer is manufactured by Kipp & Zonen B.V. in Delft, The Netherlands under license of Environment Canada.

Environment Canada states that “Mark III Brewer Ozone Spectrophotometers are recommended by Environment Canada (EC) as the significantly superior model of Brewer instrument with which to measure ozone in the ultraviolet (UV) region of the spectrum.”

For this reason, and because of the significantly improved spectral measurement of UV radiation, (due to the double spectrometer) the Brewer MkIII is the only model now made and is the only spectrometer currently in production that is sanctioned by the World Meteorological Organisation for making total column Ozone measurements.

Kipp & Zonen has a strong Brewer team in Delft, not only to manufacture new Brewers, but to provide a wide range of support activities to the large number of Brewers around the world. Many activities can be carried out remotely, or at the user’s site, but some more complex procedures can only be done at the factory. The team also continues to improve the Brewer MkIII and develop update kits for older Brewers.

Details of Brewer support activities can be found in the ‘Services’ section of the website.

The Kipp & Zonen Brewer Team

Erik Noort is the Brewer Team Coordinator. Erik is responsible for team communication, organisation and the management of projects, including the delivery of new Brewers.

Pavel Babal is a scientist with a PhD in solar energy and spectroscopy.

Erik and Pavel travel to customer sites for the installation of new Brewers and to calibrate and service customer instruments and they also take the Kipp & Zonen reference Brewers to international inter-comparisons.

Michel Elshout is an experienced technician primarily working on the assembly of new Brewers, parts and assemblies.

Keith Wilson is the scientist within the Research and Development department and is the main Kipp & Zonen representative in the scientific community. Keith has many years of experience in instrument development and research, in the fields of atmospheric measurements and climate studies. Keith is the Kipp & Zonen delegate to the EUBREWNET COST Action.


For all Brewer support related questions, service, repairs, spares and calibrations please contact Kipp & Zonen Customer Services, either by registering a Support Call at www.kippzonen.com/support or by e-mail to services@kippzonen.com