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The Brewer is a unique instrument and with 228 Brewers installed around the world (by the end of 2014), using a Brewer makes you one of the few in a select group of specialists. This website shares the common interests of Brewer users around the world and this section is intended to encourage them to share and interact with each other. There will be regular updates and reports from, with or about the Brewer community.

To see all the installed Brewers around the world, have a look at the interactive map. The location pins are clickable and provide background information about each and every Brewer. Check if you can find the Brewer you work with and feel free to send in your Brewer’s details to the editors.

Browse through the community section of this website to read user stories and find links to scientific publications, interesting websites related to Brewer activities, and more. The photo gallery shares pictures of events, calibrations and installations and we invite you to send in your pictures.

You can share your stories, articles, pictures and information with the Brewer community by  e-mailing the editors of the website.

20140327 Group photo Izana observatory with Teide_HMe

Participant group photo taken on the excursion to RBCC-E, Izaña Atmospheric Research Center, AEMET- Meteorological State Agency, Spain, as part of the COST Action ES1207 EUBREWNET Open Congress / 14th WMO-GAW Brewers Users Group Meeting, 27 March 2014.