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Brewer MkIII technical specifications

Measurement principle Unique self-compensating dual Ebert spectrometers, focal length 16 cm, focal ratio ƒ/6, first order holographic diffraction gratings with 3600 lines/mm
Detector Low noise UV-enhanced photo-multiplier tube (PMT)
Sun tracking Motor controlled prism in fore-optics for zenith tracking, azimuth tracker includes heavy duty tripod stand
Sun tracking resolution Zenith 0.12º per step, azimuth 0.025º per step
Supply voltage and current 115 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3A or 230 VAC, 50/60, 1.5A
Operating temperature range

– 20 ºC to + 50 ºC

– 50 ºC to + 50 ºC with optional insulated cold cover for spectrophotometer

Wavelength range 286.5 nm to 363 nm
Wavelength resolution 0.6 nm
Wavelength stability ± 0.01 nm (over operating temperature range)
Wavelength precision 0.006 nm (± 0.002 nm) per step
Internal light sources Tungsten-Halogen lamp for optical stability,     Mercury lamp for wavelength calibration
Ozone and SO2 measurement wavelengths 303.2, 306.3, 310.0, 313.5, 316.8 and 320.0 nm; direct sun view through UV-quality quartz window; measurement cycle time 1.6 seconds
Column Ozone measurement accuracy ± 1%
UV measurement Direct sun or global radiation, UVA, UVB, UVE and UVI; global radiation view through precision UV-quality Quartz dome and PTFE diffuser
Humidity sensor Internal, for monitoring desiccant condition
Fan and heater Internal fan runs continuously to maintain even temperature distribution, heater has thermostat control
Communication RS-422 serial, supplied with isolated RS-422 to RS-232 converter for connection to a PC running the operating software
Operating software GW-BASIC for operation of Brewer, data storage and analysis, supplied on CD-ROM in English