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Buying a Brewer

If you are considering buying a Brewer MkIII please contact Kipp & Zonen in Delft to discuss your application. Important points for us to know are the location and climate, the primary intended measurement (Ozone, UV, or both), the experience of the operators and the AC power voltage and frequency. Some Brewer users have considerable operational knowledge of the instrument, whilst others are completely new to it.

Contact Kipp & Zonen through www.kippzonen.com/contact.


Items included with the delivery

The Brewer MkIII is available in two versions, 115 VAC and 230 VAC, each consists of:

  • The spectrophotometer, supplied in a foam-lined aluminium transit case
  • Azimuth tracker, attached power and control cables for connection to spectrophotometer
  • Heavy duty tripod stand supplied flat-packed for assembly on site
  • Communication cable for connecting azimuth tracker to spectrophotometer, 0.7 m long
  • Accessory power outlet cable for connection to azimuth tracker, 0.3 m long
  • AC power input cable for connection to azimuth tracker, 15 m long
  • RS-422 communication cable for connection from azimuth tracker to converter, 50 m long
  • Isolated RS-422 to RS-232 converter with AC power adaptor and 3 m long RS-422 cable
  • Standard spares kit
  • Desktop computer for operating the Brewer, configured and tested

Each new Brewer MkIII is supplied with the following documentation in English on CD-ROM:

  • Final Test Record
  • Final test and calibration data files
  • Operator’s manual
  • Service manual
  • The latest version of the GW-BASIC operating software approved by Kipp & Zonen

The Standard Spares Kit contains the following maintenance items:

Item     Quantity
Dessicant humidity indicator strip 2
Dessicant, 4 units in water-resistant, vapour-permeable bags 3
Screw 10-32 x 5/8″ HSC stainless steel 4
Integrated circuit, dual-in-line, RS485 driver 2
Fuse, 5A, 250V, fast-blow 2
Fuse, 1A, 250V, fast-blow, 5 x 20 mm 2
Fuse, 2A, 25OV, fast-blow, 5 x 20 mm 2
Fuse, 4A, 125V, slow-blow, 5 x 20 mm 2
Fuse, 2A, 25OV, slow-blow, 5 x 20 mm 2
Tool, insertion / extraction for D-connector pins 1
Tool, hexagonal Allen key, .035″ 1
Tool, hexagonal ball-ended Allen key Kit 1
Standard lamp, 20 W Tungsten Halogen 2
Lamp, Mercury 2
Desiccant holder cartridge for base of chassis 1


Accessories for the Brewer MkIII

The following accessories are available at extra cost:

UV Stability Kit and Precision Power Supply

Regular use of a stability kit is recommended to check that the UV response is stable. This is very important to report UVA, UVB and UVE irradiances in W/m2. The kits are not calibration standards as used in the factory. The kits are not required for Ozone and Sulphur Dioxide measurements, which are ratiometric in nature.

The kit replicates the factory UV calibration method, but at a lower level of accuracy and is not a calibration standard. Ideally, it should be powered from a separate AC outlet and not from the Brewer accessory power output cable.

A foam-lined aluminium carry case contains a housing fitted with a 200W quartz halogen lamp mounted in a special adapter for accurate optical alignment. Two additional lamps in adapters are provided. All the lamps are burnt-in, and have individual numbers and calibration certificates. Spare lamp assemblies are available from Kipp & Zonen.

The housing has a ventilation fan for cooling the lamp and is specifically designed to minimise stray light and internal reflections. It fits to a spacer assembly with a light curtain that locates over the Brewer dome and maintains the lamp filament at the correct calibration distance from the Brewer input optics.

A very stable, temperature compensated, bench-type AC-DC power supply is used to drive the lamp and ventilation fan. A keyboard and liquid crystal display (LCD) enable setting and display of output current and voltage, ramp time, cooling time and status. Remote control of the power supply from a computer is possible through a USB connection.

Insulated Cold Cover

The cover fits around the Brewer MkIII spectrophotometer (not the azimuth tracker). The purpose is to ensure that the motors, micrometers and other moving optical do not become too cold for correct operation.

The cover extends operation from the standard -20°C down to -50°C and is required for arctic and polar conditions and other locations where the temperature regularly falls below 0°C and/or with high wind-chill factors.

It is made from a hard-wearing, flexible, white, water-proof material with thermal insulation, and attaches using Velcro® straps beneath the spectrophotometer.