Brewers are used within the scientific communities involved with meteorology, climatology, atmospheric science and ultraviolet radiation research.

There is continuing research into the applications of Brewer measurements, improving the analysis of the data, correlating it with other measurement technologies, and improving the Brewer itself and its calibration. The Brewer website features the latest research results, the progress of projects underway, and announcements of new initiatives.


The map shows all the known locations of Brewer Spectrophotometers around the globe, although some of them may not be currently operational. These are positioned by longitude and latitude and the icons show; the serial number of the Brewer, year of installation, the Brewer model, country in which the Brewer is located, nearest town or city and name of the organisation owning the Brewer.

The map is regularly updated as new Brewers are delivered or updated location information becomes available.

Photo gallery

Pictures from Brewer sites, inter-comparisons, calibrations, events and Brewer-related subjects from all over the world. If you have pictures that you believe would be of interest please send them to